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Your local alumni are hanging out... Are you?

Your local alumni are hanging out... Are you?

Written by: Erich Kim, Tassl Summer Intern

College is an investment. A time-consuming, expensive investment. With any investment, you expect returns that are bigger than the costs that you put in. If the benefits that you get from your college experience stop as soon as you graduate, isn’t that a lousy deal?

Alumni social events are happening just about every weekend. If you’re missing out on them, you’re missing out on a lot of your college value. We’ve listed here some surprising benefits that only your alumni social events can provide…

Finding your mentor

At the alumni happy hour, there’s a good chance you’ll bump into an alum who’s an expert in your industry and has a lot of wisdom to share with you. Coming from your alma mater, that alum may turn out to be your champion and mentor in the future.

Meeting your business partner

Where else would you find a fellow alum who is as passionate as you in that idea that you’ve had since freshmen year? There’s a good chance you’ll meet someone who you shared a professor or class with, and your relationship with them can be the start of a great business idea.

Soon-to-be best bud

The unique experience of college that you share with fellow alumni will be the foundation to the new friendships that you’ll find in your alumni events.

Connecting with co-workers

There could be fellow alumni in your workplace that you don’t know about yet! These fellow alumni can become instant connections and partners when you seek them out in events. You can also ask your HR department in your company about these alumni.

With all these hidden benefits with alumni social events, you would probably appreciate some extra information on what alumni events are going on around you.

You need your alumni chapter!

The fun events that occur in your area are handled by your local alumni chapter. In order to know about these events, you need to become a member.

This can be as simple as filling out an online form or submitting your email address to a newsletter. Immediately you’ll get connected with Facebook groups, updates, and calendars of when events are happening. By becoming a member in your alumni chapter, you’ll get access to all the get-togethers that will allow you to establish new and genuine friendships with other alumni.