Where should your alumni network live?

Where should your alumni network live?

It’s been ingrained in us that our alumni networks are a selling point and major benefit of attending college. There are rankings and metrics like “average salary earned by XYZ alumni in ABC profession,” all of which aim to demonstrate the long-term value of a degree from whichever school is boasting the numbers that make them look the best.

However, many alumni networks fall short on their promises of connectedness and opportunity, not for a lack of good intentions, but lack of the right tools and channels.

Services like Facebook and LinkedIn have vastly helped both our social and professional networks thrive online. The alumni network, however, which straddles both social and professional realms, hasn’t found the right fit, forcing outreach to flood both existing channels causing communication overload.


Sure, Facebook has great reach and posting your events there all but guarantees to spread a large net to get event details out to a broad audience. But what about attendance over time? What meaningful outcomes and data can be concluded from these static events? Insights like event preferences, actual attendance, and previous attendance can be difficult to conclude from a simple Facebook Event. These are incredibly useful pieces of information for alumni groups (and the offices that support them) that are missing when Facebook is your main means of event communication.


As previously stated, the other aspect of the alumni network is professional connections and networking. People, in general, want to do business with people who are like them--this is human nature. Sharing the same alma mater as a potential business partner is a huge rapport-builder. LinkedIn helps “connect” you with alumni in your job field, but their Group features fall short of helping with anything beyond job posts and occasional “discussions.”

As you can see, there is a real gap between what alumni networks need, technology-wise, and the available products/services on the market.

A large part of existing alumni networks’ value comes from the efforts of the local alumni group leaders. They are planning and hosting an assortment of events, ranging from Game Watches to Networking Events and Fundraisers, all for the benefit of their fellow alumni.

Imagine the increased reach, impact, and insight these groups could have if they were given the right tools – tools that were custom-created for their unique positioning between social and professional networks.

Luckily - the Team here at Tassl has spent the last two years building the solution.

As a team of proud alumni and volunteer group leaders for our own alma maters, we are dedicated to building a home for our networks and the right support for other alumni groups. We’ve had our ear to the ground, listening to volunteers, alumni relations professionals, and individual alumni to better understand challenges across different networks and what motivates and encourages engagement.

Let’s face it, it more we stay connected and are engaged with these networks, the more we benefit both personally AND professionally, and the more brand equity we grow for the education we’ve ***already paid for.

Join our movement in creating the right home for one of the most unique and valuable networks we are part of - the alumni network!