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Where SHOULD your Alumni Network live online?

Where SHOULD your Alumni Network live online?

What do you “like” to do? Facebook

What do you do for a living? LinkedIn

Where did you go to school? . . .

We have clearly defined places where the answers to the first two questions live:

Facebook is your personal page where you keep in touch with your family, friends, and weird, pseudo-politician High School classmates that post about all the things you’re told not to bring up on a first date.

LinkedIn is your online resume and professional star chart where you can feel comfortable posting your “Innovation Leader Runner-Up” award from that last conference you attended.

But when it comes to your connection to your college or university, where does that live?

I’m sure we’ve all experienced that feeling when you cross paths with a complete stranger wearing a hat or tee shirt from your beloved Alma mater. You feel pulled to engage in a conversation because you feel an instant connection to them.

Doesn’t that special feeling of connectedness deserve it’s own channel to express it?

Unfortunately, there is no sufficient way to simply say “Hey, we went to the same school. We probably have something in common and you’re probably awesome like me.” Tassl has created the channel that gives this connection a home.

As of right now, the alumni network of your school is most likely fragmented and you are probably getting communications through email, mail, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more... It’s exhausting and less than impactful.

Here at Tassl, our mission is to create that home for your Alumni Network.

The Alumni Network could exist in a place where you’re NOT frequently called and asked for donations and instead can easily tap into all of the resources, events, and alumni wherever you go.

Whether you’re traveling for work and looking for the best nearby bar to watch the big game, or if you’re considering a career change and looking for a mentor, the human network is alive and in place, it’s just missing the right technology to bring it all together.

Have no fear, Tassl and Tassl App are here to do just that!