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What drives alumni participation?

What drives alumni participation?

Why do alumni reconnect with their alma mater and decide to get involved?

This is the question all alumni-focused leaders should answer before they build an Alumni Engagement Strategy.

AR professionals and group leaders realize that the answer is different for everyone, but luckily #TeamTassl has identified a few major themes:

Building Social Networks (the IN-PERSON kind).

Whether you’re moving to a new city or just looking to mix things up, having the bond of sharing the same alma mater says a lot about your personality and chances are you have even more in common than you would with a stranger.

Professional Contacts.

Having an instant bond with potential clients or business partners helps break down walls and build the foundations for trustworthy interactions.

To Give Back.

Some feel their “college experience” was the most formative years of their lives, and therefore, one of the top places alums look back to when they want to get involved. Passionate alums selflessly want to give that same experience to others through mentoring, volunteering and guest-lecturing for classes that fall within their industry.


The most defining quality of alumni is their PASSION. They love to show off their pride; wearing their school logo proudly on hats and sweatshirts or creating custom license plates so there’s no questioning where they went to school.

Serving a Bigger Purpose.

Sometimes the mission of a particular alumni organization reaches out and grabs hold of an alum in a way where they feel they must be involved. Penn State’s Thon or Rutgers Dance Marathon are great examples of events that pull students and alums alike into their leadership and keep them involved for years to come.

An effective Alumni Engagement Strategy will provide resources and programming to touch on each of these “whys,” in order to connect with the many segments of Alumni in order to bring them closer to their beloved Alma Mater.

Find out what your alumni want and need. Then and only then can you start building a relationship that lasts!