5 Suggestions for Success with Tassl App

5 Suggestions for Success with Tassl App

Have you ever heard this from your constituents?

"I didn't know there was an event going on!"

"I would love to be able to more easily find people from my network."

"I wasn't aware THAT was available through my network."

"There are so many different things happening in my network, it's hard to sort through all the opportunities I get in email"

Making these questions disappear is one of the main motivations in developing Tassl. Our networks have so much to offer and that shouldn't go unnoticed.

With Tassl App, we have created the home for your constituents to easily access all the value your network has to offer, wherever they are!

Additionally, we also saw another opportunity to let your constituents communicate back and easily indicate their interests/needs. This can help drive the engagement strategies that will be most effective for your network and give you an indication of what programs and activities to invest in.

While we can create more time in the day, Team Tassl is committed to helping your leverage the time available to provide the most value and engage effectively within your network.

Here are Tassl's top 5 Suggestions for Success with Tassl App

1. Be honest with your Value Proposition

When introducing Tassl App to your constituents, be clear on it's purpose, your goals, and how it will help your network.

Here are some sample value props:
  • We wanted to make it easier to access the network resources, news, events and connections relevant to you, wherever you go.
  • With Tassl App we can better learn what your network engagement interests are so we provide the right resources and opportunities to fit your needs.
  • Are you staying engaged with the Network? With Tassl, we will be able to highlight your engagement and others throughout our network!
  • Tassl App will make it easy for us to communicate network opportunities in your area, without flooding your inbox.

2. Start with your "Power Users"

There is no better place to start then with your "Power Users." Whether they are the leaders of your groups or chapters, most recent event attendees, board members, or volunteers, recruit them as early adopters on your app to help spread the word.

How your early adopters can help:
  • Share your social media posts on Tassl.
  • Do outreach to close network connections inviting them to download.
  • Help promote the app at your events or their local events.

Special Note: Create "Tassl App Ambassadors" as an Engagement Initiative/Opportunity in Tassl Connect to easily award Tassl points to those power users for their support!

3. Make a Special Occasion about your Launch

Launch parties are all the rage, but if you don't have the resources to create a special event to launch your new app, consider adding it into the promotions of your next big event or leveraging some of the ideas below:

Some ways to "Launch" Tassl App:
  • Make a special announcement through your current communication channels (Newsletter, Mailer, Social) to introduce Tassl App!
  • At your next event, have a VIP area, preferred seating or special giveaways for Tassl App Users - just have them show their app profile for access.
  • Offer special promotions or events only accessible through Tassl App to generate excitement and exclusivity.

4. Build it into your ongoing Engagement Strategy

Since Tassl App helps promote all your engagement programs, it's easy to add in simple reminders here and there. Leverage the tips below to keep Tassl App top of mind in your engagement initiatives. (Note: all images/graphics/samples indicated below are available in the Marketing Support section when logged into Tassl Connect.)

How to incorporate Tassl App into your Engagement Strategy:
  • Add links to download Tassl App as part of your email signature, newsletter footers, and event invitations.
  • Schedule #TasslTuesday as part of your social media strategy to remind people to download for easy network access.
  • Feature your Tassl Leaderboard or engaged app Users in your communications.
  • Make a quick announcement at events and meetings with your constituents to remind them to download!

5. Reward, Recognize & Engage

The strength of your networking is not only an asset to your constituents but also an amazing marketing tool and an asset to your organization. Take the time to recognize and support your constituents who help make your network great with these ideas:

Some ways to Reward & Recognize using Tassl App:
  • Build a reward/loyalty program with Tassl App to create a custom experience for your constituents. Leverage Tassl points for prizes, special invitations, and contest. Talk to your Tassl Engagement Specialist for strategies within your budget for Reward Loyalty!
  • Build into your scheduled communication a "Featured on Tassl App" section to highlight engagements of one or more Tassl App constituents.
  • Leverage the "Engagement Interest Indicators" to do segmented outreach for opportunities and support. Let your contacts know that you discovered their interests in Tassl!

We hope you find this information useful as you develop out your Tassl App plan. As always, do not hesitate to reach out your Tassl Engagement Specialist to brainstorm more ideas custom to your network. Schedule a meeting or chat with us in the blue box on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.