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Take Your Alumni Golf Outing Into the Future

Take Your Alumni Golf Outing Into the Future

Looking for a fun, eye-catching Alumni event? Have you thought about hosting a Golf Inning?

Indoor golf simulators have been popping up around the country, complete with wet bars and seating for your foursome to watch you hack away at courses around the world, including Augusta National, St. Andrews and more.

The kicker: you even have to putt.

According to Brett Michener, CEO and Owner of Golf Performance Institute,

“Alumni ‘innings’ provide a unique opportunity to network while golfing. When you use simulators for golf you are still connected to all of the attendees and not just your foursome.”

Taking your Alumni Group’s golf outing indoors could be a cool, new way to attract younger alumni who are interested in this latest and greatest iteration of the game.

Think about the benefits of bringing your golf outing indoors:

  • Faster play. No more waiting for that slow group ahead of you to get off the green.

  • More social. Instead of being “stuck” with your foursome, players can socialize among stalls when they’re not “on the tee.”

  • No more rain dates. Weather will never be a factor when you’re playing indoors!

  • Beer. Most simulators have a bar in the building, along with couches, high-tops and/or bar stools instead of golf carts. You may stumble upon options to Bring Your Own as well.

Indoor golf will never replace the game as we know it, but bringing your next golf outing indoors might be a fun way to mix it up!