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Engagement 101 Chat: McKendree University

Engagement 101 Chat: McKendree University

The Tassl team recently reached out to alumni engagement professionals around the country and asked what their biggest challenge was. One answer stood out in particular:

“The biggest challenge we face in alumni engagement today is one that all alumni offices face. Staying up to to date with what alumni want as trends in how they want to be engaged change. In addition, figuring out exactly what measures should be used to determine how engaged an alumni is. I could go on and on about alumni engagement. The issue I face currently is that alumni aren't used to being engaged. Prior to my arrival to my current campus, engagement consisted of just getting people back for homecoming and maybe a basketball game or two.”

That answer came from McKendree University’s Director of Alumni Relations PJ Thompson. Since PJ offered to go “on and on” about alumni engagement, we took him up on that offer and he, along with Holly Sallee (McKendree’s Assistant Director of Alumni Relations) sat down with us for an engagement roundtable.

The conversation included:

  • The growing importance of engagement office’s social media footprint
  • Cross-campus collaborations
  • Measuring Engagement
  • Current technology trends
  • Cutting above the noise to create a personalized experience for alumni

And plenty more…

Enjoy our conversation with PJ and Holly!

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