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Driving Engagement into the 21st Century with our Latest Two Hires...

Driving Engagement into the 21st Century with our Latest Two Hires...

From the Tassl Pressroom:

Tassl is pleased to announce the addition of 2 Engagement Specialists to our growing team. As a founder, I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to bring in house some of the great minds we’ve discovered across the industry to help further the initiatives and opportunities we see with highered engagement. While the initial intention was to write this more like a press release, I couldn’t help but add a more personal perspective.

Some of the earliest validation you get as a new EdTech company is not necessarily when a school buys your product, as we all know that this is a much longer process and the main cause for lack of funding to educational technology, but when you’ve presenting your product and the person you are “selling’ to asks, “are you hiring?” For me over the last three years, is just as satisfying as getting a check, although don’t tell my investors that.

After hearing that question frequently for the last three years across the industry, alongside the painful day-to day work processes faced in the industry that could be addressed with technologies like Tassl, we were excited to enter a growth phase were we could say, yes we are hiring.

I will be honest in saying Edtech is not an easy industry, however it is continuously inspiring to come across professionals so eager for change and impact across an industry. It was not their jobs to care about impact outside their institution, but for some, like our recent two hires, the ideas, excitement, and world of possibilities are just exploding out of them.

The team at Tassl has considered these two new hires “part of the Team Tassl” for quite sometime and the addition of them both in our strategic planning meetings, client calls and technology reviews on a daily basis has added a great level of excitement to our 7 person team in Philadelphia.

I am proud to formally introducing our two newest additions to the Team Tassl family.

Meet Parks - Our Metrics Man.


Parks Smith comes to us from one of my favorite forward thinking institutions, Longwood University, where him and his team are always in beta- trying out new initiatives and programs to constantly meet the changing needs of their constituent base. From our first interactions with Parks over a year ago (after a connection on LinkedIn), we knew whether or not he ever used Tassl at his institution, he was going to be a trusted friend and play a major role with Tassl. His love for data and better understanding the impact and reach of programs against his goals made him one of our early guinea pigs of new feature feedback, idea brainstorming and mindshare around engagement. When Longwood implemented Tassl to measure engagement across all their programs after participating on our pilot program, we got to see firsthand how he was leveraging data to understand impact on a daily basis. We were also fortunate to have the Longwood team come for a visit our offices in Philly for a mindshare session, meet with our developers, and talk about the challenges in their roles. This was when we saw that the team at Longwood was thinking big. Not only were they trying out new initiatives to see their impact and value to their own network, but they were thinking about how they can share this knowledge industry wide and help others be successful. It was inspiring time for our entire team.

Parks brings to our team a unique background coming from the trenches of alumni engagement - where his department was uniquely tied to career services and not development and also a background working for a higher education technology company on client success and marketing. His thought leadership in the space on social has had the team at Tassl hitting “like, like, like” for several years and now we are proud to call him one of our own.

Meet Alan - Our Affinity Architect.

[Alan Schaffranek](https://www.linkedin.com/in/alan-schaffranek-35585820/) has been a friend of Tassl since the very beginning, in the room where the startup origin statement was made leading myself into this long adventure - “There has gotta be a better way!” It is hard to believe that it’s been over three years since our initial connection and that his consistent involvement in the platform has lead to him to a career at our growing team here today. Alan’s experiences in higher education alumni engagement at Penn State, and personal interests in non-profits and other event planning brings additional insight into the opportunities we are seeing at Tassl everyday. Engagement is not just a higher education problem - it’s an opportunity we see across all organizations who want to build community among a constituent base, no just a brand.

Alan’s personal touch to engagement reminds us that technology does not fix the engagement problem alone. Technology can make it easier to engage or discover ways to engage, but at the end of the day - there still has to be a good experience on the other end to feel like you are part of something bigger - the “Alan Affect.” Leveraging data to better understand where you can have the biggest impact and which programs are actually creating community or affinity, is where the strategy come in. Alan’s background in managing large scale events, affinity groups across several cities, and inspiring volunteer leaders helps to keep an open mind to all the possibilities within Tassl products to continue to service a wide variety of engagements across the industry.

Each hire here at Tassl is an extremely strategic decision in addition to the technology decisions we make day to day. Our company’s mission is to not only build high impact and scalable products that can help drive the future of engagement, but also to make sure they remain affordable. Technology costs today are very different then 10+ years ago yet the pricing in the higher ed tech markets haven’t changed to reflect that - limiting innovation. The opportunity to leverage modern frameworks will give more flexible choices back to higher education professionals who were once locked into extravagantly priced technologies. Pairing our technology strategy with the brightest minds, like Alan and Parks, who have lived in the trenches of higher education, just makes us an even better engagement dream team and a company we hope you would be proud to partner with.

We look forward to continuing to grow with our forward thinking clients, building strategies that turn their great brands into a great brands with an impactful community.