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Alumni Group Leaders that do this have much more success

Alumni Group Leaders that do this have much more success

Are you really listening to your alumni group members? If not, your event attendance might not be where it could be.

Keep reading to figure out where to get started and how to properly follow up in order to align your group’s programming with the interests of your members...

I’ve been in touch with several group leaders in an attempt to better understand this issue, collect their feedback, and share my findings.

Start by understanding this: Almost every Alumni Group is run by volunteers. This means that any time spent leading the club comes secondary to at least a few other activities: work, family, etc. The same priority assessment is done by members when they’re deciding which events they can attend.

Why does this matter?

Your group members may have multiple interests, so identifying those interests is an important first step towards better connecting with your group’s needs, which will lead to much better attendance and growth in membership while maximizing your time spent as a group leader.

If you want to stop spinning your wheels, it’s time to get smart with your time and follow these steps to making your group and your group leadership more awesome:

ASK! Use online survey services such as Survey Monkey

The best clubs are constantly asking for feedback, and an easy way is to learn about your group needs is to send a survey.

These surveys should be multiple choice (not completely open-ended), short, and collect the information you need to identify different segments of your members along with their contact info. Here are some sample questions:

Please select the type of event(s) you would be interested in attending:

  • Game Watch
  • Volunteer Event
  • Tailgate/BBQ
  • Networking Event
  • Professional Development (Public Speaking,
  • Other (Please fill in)

How do you currently find out about our events?

  • Email Newsletter
  • Facebook
  • Word of Mouth
  • Club/University Website
  • Other (Please fill in)
LISTEN! Use survey results to create “interest lists”

Once your group has “spoken,” and your survey results collected, create communication lists (most likely via email) for the different interests they have indicated.

This means creating contact lists for those that are interested in Networking, Volunteering, etc. Yes, members can and should appear on multiple lists!

FOLLOW UP! Show your members you care by sending personalized messages

Use your fresh data to:

  1. Plan events that your members have told you they would come to
  2. Send “personalized” communications about upcoming events they are interested in

You’ve just taken the first steps to understanding your group!

With limited effort, you are now making decisions with data, rather than shots in the dark.

The interests of your group may surprise you, and you’re well on your way to meeting their needs in an easy, repeatable and scalable way. Whether your group is 20, 50, or 500 members large, this tactic can be applied to help grow the quality of your group’s programming!