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Advancement Legends Podcast: Mike Goodwin

Advancement Legends Podcast: Mike Goodwin

When you think of the Advancement field in the Pacific Northwest you think of Oregon State’s Mike Goodwin. Goodwin’s experience with his college newspaper at the University of San Francisco lead to a drive to explore higher education and administration.

Goodwin’s career started at a new Catholic high school in the Seattle area and that’s where he found that power of CASE (9:00). Learn from his early career lessons and what it was like to land his first big gift when moving to Washington State University (11:00). It was at Wazzu where Goodwin and his colleagues quickly realized that they and the CASE community were building a new profession (16:30).

After his stint in Pullman, he tapped into his Jesuit roots at Georgetown. Goodwin shared what it was like to build a team and what in particular he looks for during the hiring process (22:00).

Listen to the full podcast and what Goodwin sees as the future of advancement, including data, analytics, and marketing (33:00).

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