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4 Different Types of Value Add Alumni Engagements Worth Tracking

4 Different Types of Value Add Alumni Engagements Worth Tracking

While giving is one of the most largely tracked forms of engagement,

there are several other important engagements worth keeping track of and even rewarding and recognizing throughout your networks, similarly to how you would major donations.

From volunteering at alumni events to engaging prospective students, engagements outside of giving play an important role in building the brand of a network!

Tracking these engagements have their own set of challenges and can be difficult to centralize, however they are no less important than writing a check to a school. Not keeping track of these engagements is truly a missed opportunity! Not only can these engagements be great predictors of an alum’s future willingness to give, but they also provide inherent value to the network and great metrics on the strength of your network.

Here are 4 engagements outside of check writing, that are worth taking the time to track, measure and reward:

Admissions & Student Recruitment

Public or private, four-year university or two-year college, and no matter how large of an endowment, tuition undoubtedly remains a key source of revenue for your school.

From serving as admissions interviewers to hosting send-off parties to becoming parents of prospective students, alumni can be incredibly valuable resources for your admissions department.

We recently read about a particularly effective alumni recruiter who helped to bring in an estimated $200,000 in tuition to his alma mater just by volunteering his time to the admissions department.

Having a process in place to track, support, and recognize these alum can be a critical component of a strong engagement strategy that is helping revenue generators and building the brand equity of your network.

Alumni Group Volunteers

The key to having a successful alumni groups program is having engaged alumni volunteers.

These alumni group and their leaders are a key way to keep alumni connected to your school. Group leaders and volunteers invest significant time and energy into connecting alumni and supporting their alma maters’ initiatives from afar.

Their contributions might seem intangible, but they are in no way insignificant.

Make sure you’re providing your leaders with the resources, technologies, and recognition they need to be successful!

Career Opportunities

Colleges and universities devote significant resources into helping their students and recent graduates find amazing jobs and internships. But often, a school's' alumni network is the most valuable resource for those on the job market.

When alumni come back to campus to recruit for their employers or participate in resume reviews or a mentorship program, they are bringing huge value to your school.

Make sure you’re working with your career services department to keep track of these engagements and to incentivize alumni participation in career services activities.

Sports Fandom

Not all schools have big sports programs, but for those that do athletics can be a huge source of revenue and a particularly fun way for alumni to stay engaged.

Not only are your schools’ sports fans contributing to ticket sales, but they are likely also making regular trips back to campus, giving you the opportunity to get them engaged in other ways.

Keep track of these alumni fanatics and when they’re back on campus. Introduce them to professors who could use them as guest speakers, or host an alumni tailgate to connect them with other engaged alums.

Tracking alumni engagements outside of giving can be challenging. Thankfully, Tassl technologies can help.

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