Harness the power of Google Maps for your alumni network

Our smartphones and social media channels have some pretty incredible location-based tools. Odds are, you use these every day, from looking up where to grab a quick lunch nearby to using Find My iPhone to locate your phone between your seat cushions.

Marketers have been using these geo-tools too in order to better connect with target customers and promote their companies to the right people.

Many of these tools are free… and right at your fingertips.

By leveraging them strategically, you can expand your reach to alumni and connect with alumni you may have otherwise missed!

Check In

The easiest way to use these geo-tools is to tag your event’s location to any posts about it on social media. Make sure to add a specific event location to your Facebook event or Instagram post before the event itself.

Once attendees start arriving, encourage them to “check-in” to the venue where your event is being help and to tag any posts with the location.

Other alums, who may not have even heard of the event before, will be encouraged to join and will know exactly how to find you!

If your school or alumni group is using Tassl, make sure you're capitalizing on our location-based and check-in tools as well.

Make sure that you enter the exact location for your upcoming events and add your regional groups’ locations in their group profiles.

When alumni are nearby, they'll be able to easily find these groups and their events, and will also be able to see other alumni who are planning on attending.

Bonus: Adding a location to your event means that alumni can even check themselves in using Tassl App… so you can finally say goodbye to trying to take attendance during your game watches in busy sports bars!

Get Snap Happy

Even if you don’t use Snapchat, you're probably familiar with the photo-sharing app's filters.

Snapchat uses geo-specific tools to draw imaginary fences around certain locations. When users are within this fence, they’re able to add a special filter to their photos. There are filters for different cities, neighborhoods, and college campuses.

People have also started creating Snapchat filters for major events, including everything from weddings to launch parties.

These are easy to create and are a great way to get people talking about and taking pictures at your event.

They’re also extremely affordable!

Consider creating a Snapchat filter for your next event – whether it’s for homecoming or regional alumni event at a sports bar.

Encourage alums to save and share pictures that they take at the event. You can even create an album of these photos to share on your website or social media pages! We promise it will cost less than you imagine and will add another layer of excitement to the event!

Test out some of these geo-tools at your next event & let us know how you use location services to connect with alums!