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Alumni Spotlight: John Farris, Troy University Alum

As a recent Duke grad and the newest addition to the Tassl team, I’ve been eager to learn from other alumni about their involvement with their alma maters.

I was lucky to hear from John Farris, a passionate alum from Troy University, in my first week on the job. He is a great example of how an alumni association’s most active alums can help to build the brand and reputation of the school and strengthen its alumni network as a whole.

John completed his Bachelor’s in business in 2015 after 28 years of active duty. As a student, he was highly involved with fundraising for the school, hosting football tailgates to raise money for the athletic department and leveraging his personal connections to get others involved.

Since graduating, John has become one of the school’s most active alumni leaders. Though he lives hours away from Troy, John can be found on campus almost every weekend reviewing scholarship packages, cheering on the Trojans, and meeting with prospective students and donors.

“It makes the alumni and development professionals’ jobs a lot easier when you’ve got an alum like me who are willing to crack the ice for you."

John’s impact has certainly been noted by the school. Since graduation, he has been appointed as Vice President to Troy’s Delta Chi Alumni Board of Trustees and as a trustee to the school’s scholarship foundation. His regional alumni chapter, the Emerald Coast Troy University Alumni Association, has also been named Troy’s Large Chapter of the Year for 12 years in a row.

Giving committed alumni, like John, the right tools to engage with other alumni is key to making the most of their passion for their alma mater.

“I’m constantly looking for ways to take advantage of technology."

“You’ve got to know people. Nobody cares about what you’re offering until they know how much you care about their needs. And you do that one person at a time.”

John sees so much value in alumni networks that he has already enrolled his daughter, a current student at the University of Florida, as a member of the school’s alumni association. Even as a sophomore, she has already found tremendous value from her school’s alumni network.

Here at Tassl, we’re working to support alums like John and connect alumni networks in more meaningful ways. We’d love to hear your story!